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Rates and Costs for Condo Web Sites

Web Site costs for Condo Townhouses

We have a flat annual fee that covers most web sites, including a reasonable amount of changes and updates throughout the year. Normal updates include monthly newsletters added, notices of meetings, posting of meeting minutes, changes to officer's lists and so forth. The flat fee is $490.00 CAD. Click here for value in other currencies.

Initial one time setup costs usually run from nothing to $500.00 CAD, depending on the amount of work involved. Typically most extra cost is generated by the setup of fillable PDF forms. Most condos will have forms generated in Word format, or something similar, and the time required to convert them to fillable pdf's is dependant on how professionally the Word documents were produced. We can fix just about anything, but it does take time.

Note: We cannot use any documents that were produced by scanning a hard copy... such documents cannot be easily edited or modified to produce a fillable pdf, and also result in a file size that is usually from 10 to 100 times too big for web site use.

In the case of condos in the Toronto area, if we have to attend the facility to take pictures or any other reason, extra costs will be incurred.

However, if you have someone on staff who can produce professional documents, and have someone with reasonable photography skills, there may not be any setup charge at all.

Please contact us to discuss your particular situation.

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